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Solely designed for Homeowners to showcase their homes

Every home is different and unique.

Placeof is designed to help you showcase the unique charm, technical details, and lifestyle of each home to its fullest potential.


Add Features of your home

You can add dozen of features as each house are different.


Detailed technical aspects of your home

Acoustics of glass,insuration,eneregy performance...add detail as many you want


Post Daily Life

You can post about your daily life in your home with simple form.


Privacy protection

If you type zip code your place will shown as “area” in the map. You don’t have to type exact address.


Revenue Share of Waiting Badge

When potential buyers/renters buy waiting badge of your place page, we will revenue share it with you.


Manage Wait list

Manage wait list of your home so that you can easily sell or rent when you want.

How it works


Create your place page for free

Create any place without sign-up charges, from a single family home to a 3D manufactured home and everything in-between.


Share the link to place page

You can share the link to your place page on YouTube or Instagram or Blog or else so that people know the overview of your home.


Connect with potential buyers/renters

Connect with the perfect person for your home. Use Placeof to find your ideal buyer or renter.